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Thermal imaging: A Modern approach to diagnostics

Thursday 1st December 2016
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In recent years, diagnostic tools have gone through major changes, from the very basic scan tool to high end diagnostic platforms. So many brands  and models are available. Some with inbuilt scopes, wifi connectivity, onboard help services, built in cameras, databases, etc. All of this and the abilty to reprogramme control modules,keys and much more, and all available to independant  repairers.
    Add to this the availabilty of online Helpline and training services, technical forums and social media groups that are alll sharing information and help to improve our skills and knowledge as vehicles become evermore complex.
    Then along comes a game changer in the tool world. Thermal imaging. Technical groups are cropping up supporting this new and exciting method of diagnostics, sharing new tests and case studies.
    And the imagination of the technicians in using this new equipment for various diagnostic procedures is becoming  a hot topic.
    The equipment is readily available  online to connect to most phones or tablets, and is selling out fast. FLIR, previously known as military night vision, equipment manufacturers now sell to the public. FLIR One thermal imaging cameras seem to be the most popular among workshops at the moment.
    Thermal testing can see parasitic loads, fuses carring current, alternator diodes leaking back, heated seat problems, items consuming current when switched off, and high resistance in connectors ,to name just a few tasks.
    The tests are limited only by the technicians  needs and ingenuity.
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