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Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a new online garage portal for fast, accurate and free technical information.

Why has been developed?

Because modern vehicles are becoming more and more complex, the site has been developed to provide mechanics with a wealth of technical information all in one convenient location, to save time and make finding solutions to technical issues straightforward.

How can be viewed?

The site is fully responsive so is suitable for viewing on PC, Laptop, or even a tablet or smart phone when working on a car.

Who has developed has been developed by Autobiz, Ireland’s leading monthly motor trade publication and website.

Who has supplied the technical documentation?

Documentation and videos have been supplied by leading aftermarket parts and equipment suppliers and dedicated automotive training organisations.

What type of technical information is available? contains; technical tips, technical bulletins and updates, service information and instructional videos. There is a special focus on delivering information on technical issues that are especially relevant to the independent aftermarket.

How much documentation is on the site? currently features some 2000 searchable documents. This is the largest collection of aftermarket technical information freely available on any website, anywhere on the Internet bar none, saving garages vital time in their search for technical solutions.

How is the information kept relevant and tagged?

All of the documentation has been reviewed for relevance and tagged by key words and phrases. This ensures only quality meaningful technical information is supplied. The documents are tagged by the highly experienced and qualified Technical Editor, who as well as his own knowledge and expertise, draws on the up to the minute experiences of mechanics, through regular face to face contact with independent garages across Ireland.

All videos have also been viewed and tagged with key words and phrases to make them searchable.

How can the documents be searched?

Because of accurate and relevant tagging, mechanics can quickly find the information they need through the dynamic search facility. Users simply type in relevant search information and does the rest. This may be information on vehicle make model and year, the type of part on which information is required, or the type of problem being encountered.

Examples might be: - BMW engine fault code, Mondeo clutch, VW radio, A4 turbo, etc.

How are results displayed?

Results are displayed as online articles, printable PDFs or videos. Accreditation is always given to the provider of the source information.

Can you search on part numbers?

Any part numbers and cross references mentioned in the documentation will be included in both the "all Words" search if this search is too broad you can also select the "Part No. only" search, in these searches do not enter in Hyphens or spaces that may be included in the part number.

How often is updated?

The site is updated on a weekly basis as new technical bulletins, tips and information is supplied by contributors.

Is there any charge for the service?

No is a free service, provided to the independent aftermarket by Autobiz.

What is if I need more information?

Autobiz also offers a technical helpline service for detailed technical information provided by automotive technical experts. This is a subscription service provided by Europe wide automotive technical training experts eXponentia.

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