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Two Corsa’s with 2 unusual problems

Monday 29th May 2017
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This month we look at two Corsa’s with unusual problems, but proper diagnostic techniques quickly found the source of the problems.
    The first Corsa D had a flashing MIL and a misfire. A scan revealed the code P0300 (Random/Multiple Cylinder Misfire Detected) was present. The Corsa had a A12XER 1.2l engine.
    After scoping the Injectors and ignition system, no faults were found. The next step was a compression test, which showed that cylinders 3 and 4 were failing. After starting to strip the engine, the exhaust camshaft was found to have snapped between cylinders 2 and 3. After some research, we have found the camshaft clamps have been known to come loose, and Opel recommends they should be checked for correct torque setting during routine maintenance. This applies to other engine models in the GM range. But on this particular car, the bearing caps were found to be tight.
    It might be a worthwhile service recommendation to check this area to prevent this type of failure in the future to any of your customer’s cars that use this engine.
    The second Corsa D, equipped with a Z13DTH engine, came into a workshop on a recovery truck as a non-starter. A full scan was attempted, but there were no communications possible to the ECM. A call was made to us for the engine wiring information, and location of the ECM.
    As this was a common problem with this model, the mechanic was asked to locate and examine the ECM under the scuttle near side. This required some of the wiper assembly and covers to be removed to get to the ECM.
    The ECM in this Corsa was very badly corroded by rain water that had not drained properly. This has been an ongoing problem we see quite often.
    The terminals on the exterior of the ECM were very corroded. Opening the ECM revealed a main board that was also heavily water damaged, making a repair completely unviable. A new ECM was fitted and programmed, after the drains were sorted out. Problem solved.
    Yet again, water damage as a common failure.
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