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BMW 3 Series: ABS/ESP lamp on & wipers operate continuously

Wednesday 5th April 2017
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Autodata shares some common problems found in modern cars.
    Question: A customer's 2005 BMW 320d has an ABS/ESP warning lamp illuminated and the windscreen wipers operate continuously. The ABS control module does not communicate with our diagnostic tool, so we have no trouble codes. Is this something you have heard of before?
    Answer: We are aware of this problem which affects BMW 3 Series’ with engine codes 20 4D 4, N46, N52 from 01/12/04-11/04/05. The cause of the problem is a loose earth strap located on the driver's side suspension turret (see figure 1). Thoroughly clean the earth point and ensure that the earth strap retaining nut is tight. After carrying out the repair, check that communication with the ABS control module is possible, and erase any stored trouble codes. Road test the car to confirm the repair.