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Golf Mk VII - Rear view mirror vibrates while driving

Thursday 1st December 2016
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Question: While their vehicle was in for service with us, the customer mentioned that their rear view mirror permanently vibrates while driving. The vehicle is a 2012 Volkswagen Golf Mk VII. We checked the rear view mirror for any broken retaining clips but didn't find anything visibly wrong with it. Can you help?
Answer: Yes, we have recently seen this fault on this model and it is due to movement between the rear view mirror and the rear view mirror mounting. Adhesive tape is available from Volkswagen parts department and is required to rectify this fault. Remove the rear view mirror. Cut the adhesive tape into 19 mm x 19 mm strips. Apply adhesive tape to the area indicated on the rear view mirror Fig.1. Refit rear view mirror. Carry out road test to ensure vibration has been eliminated.