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Mercedes A180 with MIL on but no clear faults

Tuesday 28th February 2017
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    Question: We are having problems diagnosing an electrical fault on a 2012 Mercedes A180 with a 1.6 litre engine. The engine malfunction indicator lamp is on and there are various trouble codes in the fault memory. We have carried out several component checks and they are functioning correctly. Has anyone reported this before?
    Answer: Yes, this problem affects several Mercedes-Benz models with 270.910/270.920 engine codes, and is due to the engine wiring harness chafing on a retaining clip near the air filter housing, at 1 in figure. Check the engine wiring harness for damage and repair or replace as necessary. Secure the engine wiring harness with a modified retaining clip, at 2 in figure. After repair erase all stored trouble codes.