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Don’t Overlook the Obvious

Tuesday 19th July 2016
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We recently investigated 'overheated solenoid' on Vauxhall Antara 2.2 CDTi and Chevrolet Captiva 2.2 VCDi. Our research showed that there is a common fault with the wiring loom for the battery feed going to the starter motor. Due to a poorly insulated B+ wire, the cable will overheat and cause the solenoid cap to melt.

We have identified part numbers for the replacement wiring, dependent on the vehicle specification.

Starter motor wiring harness (models with AT) - 95389088

Starter motor wiring harness (models with MT and stop-start system) - 95389089

Starter motor wiring harness (models with MT) - 95389090

Further research has now found that there is also an existing fault on these same vehicles with the ignition switch. Over a period of time, the internals of the ignition switch become worn. As a consequence of this excessive wear, the starter motor may engage while the engine is running.This can cause the starter motor to burn out and can also cause damage to the pinion. In a worst case scenario the nose cone will break.

The above faults are not to be overlooked. Not investigating and carrying out remedial work on the above faults will result in the replacement starter motor prematurely failing. Remember, if you are fitting a starter motor to these vehicles, it is your reputation on the line. By not investigating and fixing the fault, you risk a repeated failure, an unhappy customer and the risk of the starter motor not being covered under warranty.

All our starter motors and alternators that have known vehicles faults are supplied with a technical note in the box, please ensure you read them. They are aimed to save you time, money and your reputation.