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Honda Accord and FR-V 2.2 CDTi Pulley Modification

Friday 22nd January 2016
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Certain Honda vehicles have a known fault in the drive belt system that results in the premature failure of the alternator pulley and/or bearings.These are:

Accord 2.2 CDTi 2004-2008 FR-V 2.2 CDTi 2005-2010
with Honda Engine Codes: i-CDTI N22A1 2004-2011

Some of the vehicles are originally fitted with a 7PK2268 drive belt. This drive belt forms a 'U' shape around the alternator pulley (labelled GEN in the image below) which exerts excessive load against the pulley and bearings.




Over a period of time this lateral load will cause the failure of the alternator pulley and/or bearings.

We recommended that you bypass the guide pulley and fit a new belt (7PK1785) as shown in the image above. This reduces the amount of pressure applied to the pulley and minimises the risk of premature failure. Remove the bypassed guide pulley.

Failure to carry out this modification will result in the failure of the alternator.

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