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Opel Starting Problems

Tuesday 21st March 2017
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Vehicles Currently Identified as Affected
Combo: 2004-2010; 1.4, 1.6; Z14XE(P), Z16SE
Corsa C: 2003-2007; 1.2, 1.4, 1.8; Z12XE(P), Z14XE(P), Z18XE
Tigra: 2004-2010; 1.4, 1.8; Z14XE(P), Z18XE
Parts Currently Affected
AES1275, AES2223, AES8198, AEX1043, AEY2115
Engine doesn’t crank/turn-over. Starter clicks
Rather than run separate wires to both the starter motor and alternator, on these vehicles the connection to the starter is spliced-off from that to the alternator. This connection is not always good and the contact area can be insufficient for the current. The increased resistance causes the join to heat up which further degrades the connection leading to failure.
Simply replacing the loom may result in the same problem later.
Run a wire (rated for at least 100A) from the battery’s +ve connection to the stud on the starter solenoid to supplement the wiring loom.
Use approximately 1.1m.
Solder/crimp 8mm diameter ring connections to each end.
Route up the back of the engine near the bulkhead from the starter to the battery on the left hand side.
Access is easier with a car service ramp