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Sprinter Alternator pulley failure caused due to stretched/worn belt

Thursday 22nd June 2017
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Mercedes Benz Sprinter 1999-2006 Diesel vehicles affected.
Part Numbers affected: AEA3201, AEC1299, AEC1481,AEC1489,AEC1630

There is a common known fault with many Mercedes diesel vehicles between 1999 and 2006 which results in the failure of the alternator pulley and/or bearings.

Over a period of time the drive belt is stretching due to wear. As the belt stretches an incorrect load is applied to the alternator pulley set up. This results in excessive vibration within the drive belt system and can cause the failure of the alternator pulley and/or bearings.

In all instances the belt must be checked and if it exceeds 2100mm in length the belt must be replaced. It is recommended that a 6PK2100 belt is fitted and an additional guide pulley is installed between the power steering pump pulley and crankshaft pulley.