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Starter Problems 2006 to 2011 Fiat Doblo Diesel

Tuesday 7th June 2016
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We have come across numerous issues of Starter Motors fitted to Fiat Doblos 1.3 Multijet Diesel engines between 2006 and 2011 where they have been returned burnt out.

This failure is also very common on old core returned showing the mode of failure is caused due to a vehicle fault (fault external of the Starter Motor)

In order to remedy this vehicle fault inspect the main engine earth wire to the vehicles chassis which can be corroded causing a poor connection resulting in the starter clicking and causing the starter motor to burn out due to excessive cranking. Replacing the earth wire can cure this fault, the wire is located around the gearbox area and runs directly from the negative terminal on the car battery.

The Starter Motor can fail prematurely due to the vehicle not starting or turning over slowly and after excessive cranking gradually getting faster and eventually starting the vehicle. Other contributing faults can be poor battery condition and being repeatedly jump started.

The fault is often misdiagnosed as a faulty starter motor or solenoid. The following defects on the starter motor you are replacing will be an indication of a vehicle fault that has caused the failure of the part:

• Blue colour on the gear shaft and pinion area
• Rattling inside the starter motor when shaken indicating components have exploded
• Burnt smell from starter motor/Varnish or insulation leak
• Damaged pinion teeth/Broken nose cone
• Burnt/discoloured/melted broken wire from solenoid to starter body
• Shrivelled/burnt label

If the starter motor you are replacing shows any of the above defects then a vehicle fault needs investigating and rectifying before fitting the replacement part, failure to do so will result in the premature failure of the replacement starter motor and may invalidate your warranty.