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...y ending. Common rail diesel engines have been in production for several years now, and many independent garages are probably seeing more and more of these vehicles, as the owners pull away from dealer servicing. This case study involves a Fiat Ducato, but could have also occurred to any c...

...of their Common rail pump, and Bosch produce 20% more diesel components than petrol components. One of the principal forces behind this relentless development, has been for the cleanest diesel emissions possible. In the late 90s, we saw the first use of oxidation catalysts for diesel engi...

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  • Modern tests for modern batteries
  • Feb 19

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  • PDF with Common rail, often have the incorrect capacity battery fitted. Customers often choose cost over application, resulting in slow rotation speeds and delayed start problems. Stop-start vehicles must have either EFB or AGM batteries, if serious damage is to be averted. Batteries fail...

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  • Sensing a commercial issue
  • Oct 15

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...-cylinder Common rail engine was fitted with a 24V electrical system, which proves no problem to either G-Scan or G-Scan 2. Blue Print Technical Consultant Jim Gilmour explains how he diagnosed and fixed the problem with the N Series truck. The complaint was that when driven, the engine w...

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