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...dosage exAc tly right. If too much contrast agent is used, it can clog the valves in the compressor or the solenoid valves of the air conditioning service unit, among other things. It can only be used as a preventive measure: Only leaktight air conditioning systems may be filled with...

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  • Mazda Ignition Coil Problem
  • Nov 23

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...nclude a lAc k of engine power and an inconsistent idle, combined with the engine malfunction indicator lamp being illuminated on the instrument cluster. Engine Control Unit (ECU) diagnostics will reveal the following possible fault codes: P0300 - Misfire Detected. P0301 - Misfire Detecte...

...y used to Ac hieve the stricter limit values of Euro 6/Tier 2. EGR allows exhaust gas to be mixed in with intake air at varying amounts, as required. This means that less oxygen reAc hes the cylinder overall, leading to lower combustion temperatures. As a result, the amount of nitrogen ox...

...ll as the Ac tual physical checks, of the vehicle? Do you check vehicle scan tool data? Things that we often see are glow plug faults, and fuel additive levels getting low, often without any complaint from the customer. When glow plugs crop up during our inspection, we generally carry ou...

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